After working in the audio, A/V, home automation, networking, and home lighting field for over 35 years, there is no challenge we can’t find a solution for to help you create your perfect home environment. Our full-service approach allows you one point of contact and ensures compatibility across systems if you choose to fully integrate your home with multiple sound, video, and other home electronics systems.

Only looking for one service, like installing two-channel audio in your living room or a surveillance camera system? No problem – our services are tailored to meet your specific home customization goals, regardless of the scope of the project. As part of this commitment, we often consult with people who are looking for guidance on the best products and installation methods they could use to complete a home project themselves.

Through our experience in working with clients over three decades, we’ve gained a lot of insight into what people are hoping to achieve, and what they might be stressed about, when they start a home customization project. Because of this, we treat each client’s home with the same care as our own. We take pictures of any area we will be working in to make sure it is returned to its original state once our work is completed. We specialize in reducing noise bleed so audio is contained to specific areas of your home. And through our decades of experience, we’ve established professional relationships with specialists in the audio, A/V, and home electronics fields who can assist us in the 1% of projects we’ve worked on to complete rare customizations, like creating a film director’s grade screening room.

Our aim is matching the right products and installation with your particular project so your home customization plans are realized. With the ever-expanding options available in the home electronics field, one of our greatest strengths is being able to differentiate between the latest trends and fads and choose the most useful new technologies to achieve your goals.

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